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Tips on Buying and Selecting Freezerless Refrigerators 
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Freezerless Refrigerators

 Do you really need a freezer?  Though it may seem that a refrigerator without freezer doesn't make sense there are a variety of reasons why they are used not only commercially but residentially as well. 


There are a variety of manufacturers which include the typical refrigerator manufacturers like Whirlpool, Kenmore and Frigidaire but there are also more specialized freezerless refrigerators from manufacturers like Summit and SunFrost.

If you are looking to buy a freezerless refrigerator you may be doing so for the purposes of saving space but the interesting part is that others may be looking for it for the exact opposite. They need more cooling space for either a big family or perhaps they have some food oriented business. A popular hobby nowadays is vegetable gardening and if you do a good job you may need a lot of extra space to keep those fruits and vegetable fresh until you decide what to do with them. Our neighbor had this problem and was in the habit of giving away fresh tomatoes from his garden because he didn't have the room in his refrigerator to keep them all. Freezerless refrigerators are great for those with high fresh food habits.  If this is going to be your primary refrigerator though and you have your heart set on an icemaker, finding a freezerless refrigerator with an icemaker will be very difficult due to the icemaker's reliance on the freezer component of the more common dual use refrigerators.

Freezerless Refrigerator Sizes, Colors and Styles

If you are a college student looking for good refrigerator for your dorm you will be happy to know small refrigerators without freezers are available you may even be able to find some stylish colors depending on the manufacturer. The typical color is usually white but we have seen freezerless refrigerators in black and even stainless. When looking for your refrigerator freezerless options will also be described as compact, commercial, under counter and upright. So you will need to decide which one is right for you. You will probably be able to find sizes as low at 1.0 cubic ft but there are higher capacity ones available too, think 17 to 30 cubic feet. If you are looking to save space in your house or apartment then of course you will be looking at the smaller models. If you need more space for your fresh food because you have a small primary refrigerator you may want to consider a bigger model that can be put in the garage. A freezer less refrigerator set up that is typical when you have a chest freezer is also a reason to have a bigger freezerless refrigerator.

Compact Freezerless Refrigerators

These refrigerators can be used for both residential and commercial reasons. As mentioned before college students and other folks who don't have a lot of space should choose among the compact freezerless refrigerator models out there. Compact refrigerators also can save money on energy usage. Though freezerless refrigerators first did not have many Energy Star rated options that has changed. The dichotomy is that though they can save money because you do not use the higher energy needed for a freezer the cold air also comes out of the units more easily since you are opening the door to the complete unit. A form of compact refrigerator without a freezer are the undercounter freezerless refrigerators that are used not only for space concerns but also for designing stylish kitchens.

Commercial Freezerless Refrigerators

There is a wide variety of commercial uses for freezerless refrigerators. Though restaurants easily come to mind, medical institutions, organizations including hospitals need them to store medicines. Laboratories in the biotech and pharma space also use them in the manufacturing and storage of their products. Glass front freezerless refrigerators make it easier to see what is in the refrigerator so you don't open it unless you have to. This is good in restaurants as waiters and waitresses help prepare meals. Items like beverages, fruit and vegetables and more can be stored in these refrigerators. Commercial freezerless refrigerators or more common then residential ones but there are many trends that can push normal consumers to buy refrigerators without freezers. Bulk buying of meat in warehouse stores like Costco and BJ's have caused more people to buy chest freezers to store the meat that costs less when bought in bulk. When they go to replace their primary refrigerator they may consider more freezerless refrigerator options.

Freezerless Refrigerators
Compact Freezerless Refrigerators